On Blogging 2

It’s been about a week now since I decided to test the water (see my very first blog). How do I feel now? I feel good, comfortable. Actually, I’m feeling excellent about my blogging so far. I’ve been enjoying this very much and can actually say that I have found a new hobby.

After writing a few times and allowing myself to be vulnerable and transparent, I started to get used to the action. What helps right now is that I have a choice on who to invite to my blogging website, in which case I have to continue due to privacy issues related to work. Because I work as a therapist and be exposed to clients with a variety of background, some more questionable than others, I have to guard my privacy on the internet for my own safety.

I love the idea of sharing a part of my self to my friends through blogging. It is a self-disclosure that brings satisfaction to me because I hope to become emotionally closer to my friends through my writing. By allowing myself to be transparent, I am inviting my friends to my life, to know me better as a person, and it’s been very rewarding. To be vulnerable also sends a message to me and others that it is okay to make mistakes or to be imperfect. There is a perfectionist part in me; well, I guess I have to have it in order to make it in school and do well. Unfortunately, any strength when is done too much can turn into weakness, so this is my attempt not to allow my perfectionist side to run over me. It is my way to balance it; so the message is, be vulnerable and continue to write.

I definitely have a lot in my head already on what to write. I’d like to write something about my country and about living in two different cultures, about my other hobbies (knitting and cooking), about baseball, and so on. Also, more on politics, more on what’s going on in the world, conflicts, psychology, and oh goodness, the list can go on and on…. What am I waiting for?


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