What Is It About The Sound of Music?

Can’t believe I just spent my weekend watching The Sound of Music twice. Twice! Once yesterday and once today. It was on the ABC Family channel for two days in a row! Who would have done that? Why would somebody do this to me? I can’t believe I spent my weekend watching it as if I’ve never seen it before, singing to every song, oh please, not again.

What is it then about The Sound of Music that keeps pulling me to see it over and over again? To say that I love the movie is an understatement. I adore it! I grew up watching it, thanks to my mom who introduced it to me when I was probably still in kindergarten. I sing all the songs, but love the Edelweis song the most. I don’t know how should I say this, but I think the movie has everything that I like, the drama, singing, dancing, humor, a good story line, a good character development for its characters. It has patriotic messages, glorious moments, excitement, and let’s not forget, the breathtaking mountainous region of Austria. I love the Laendler dance (I think that’s the spelling), by the way. It’s the traditional Austrian folk dance that Maria and Captain von Trapp were dancing together.

This is definitely THE #1 movie that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. Ever since I arrived in this country in 1990, I think I’ve seen it at least once every year. I even bought the DVD. It is a wonderful movie, nicely done, awesomely acted, and has an additional meaning too to me: wonderful memories from my childhood. Every time I watch it, I remember something from my childhood. Every time I watch it, it gives me a warm feeling, a familiar feeling. In other words, it’s a source of comfort. When I felt bad or sick and had to stay home for so many days, I would watch this movie. I guess when I’m feeling bad, I simply remember my favorite things, such as this movie, and then I won’t feel so bad (get it?). So, there I was resting at home, enjoying the short three-day weekend, watching my movie. Oh, it’s irresistible, couldn’t help myself to sing along. Luckily I was home alone when the movie came on because I don’t think Mike would be able to handle it. He’d run out of the house if he were around.

I have to say, movies nowadays are not made like this one anymore. They’re different now. I don’t know if there’s any recent children classic movie similar to The Sound of Music. Children movies now are so adult-like, gone are the feel-good, singing, dancing, child-like movies like in the old days. Children movies now are full of action, technology gadgets, and fighting scenes. Many of them are cartoons, computer made cartoons with lots of action scenes. What is special about The Sound of Music is how it can apply and transform itself across so many generations, even with the lack of action or computer generated scenes. No doubt, The Sound of Music has its own class. I don’t know if we’ll ever come across another movie like this again.


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