Hey Mr. Wilson, Why Don’t You Kiss My Alien, Immigrant Ass!

How deplorable! Appaling! In another desperate act, the Republican party has done it again with Joe Wilson, who I refuse to call a Congressman, screaming a childish, immature, inappropriate statement to the President of his own government in the middle of a very highly regarded practice in this government, a Presidential Speech to the Congress. Although it is called a presidential speech to the Congress, the speech is really for the people because those in the Congress are representative of the people, something that I believe Joe Wilson has failed to remember that night.

Unbelievable! Where is the decency? I really don’t expect to see behavior and attitude so low as what this man showed that evening. What’s next? What kind of behavior are we going to see then next time? What, a brawl? Professionalism, people! Have we gone so low that we abandoned it? I can’t believe that a part of me actually feel embarrassed looking at this man’s behavior, and he’s a Congressman? His behavior reflects the mob’s behavior in those town hall meetings. The difference is that we expect a different set of behavior from our congressmen and congresswomen than those crazy, ignorant, prejudice townhallers. Or, maybe that’s where I’m wrong. Perhaps the line between some of our congressmen/women and those crazy, ignorant, prejudice townhallers is really…nonexistent. The behaviors of the people reflect their leaders’, or is it the other way around? So which ones are the leaders again? Somebody please remind me.

Seeing things like this makes me experience a range of feelings. It started with anger. Gosh, was I angry. I was furious sitting at home watching the whole thing plays on TV. Then I felt it again when I read the support that this delirious, hallucinating, lunatic, stupid, brainless, ignorant Joe Wilson received the next day from other similar delirious, hallucinating, lunatic, stupid, brainless, ignorant extreme-right groups. Then I felt a mix of upset and sadness. Sad because this is not necessarily the direction that I would like to see happen with this government. Politics have never been this ugly before in the U.S. Sure, there have always been debates and disagreements between the two parties in the past, which are expected. Debates, discourse and negotiations between multiple parties are also part of democracy. What happens now is that as the Democratic party is getting stronger and holding the majority space in Congress, the Republican party is getting more desperate, which is why I think the atmosphere has becoming uglier. Debates and discourse have been replaced with verbal attacks, in which some are just plain racist, violent and perhaps even crude. Negotiation? Forget about it. It’s been thrown out the window by the right-wing.

The point is, some people in this country, including politicians, are actually moving slowly, inch by inch, away from democracy. Either they are ignorant all about the meaning of democracy or they have a separate agenda in their mind on how this country should be run. Too harsh? I don’t think so, it’s just a frank talk here. I hope it’s the problem of the former, not the latter, meaning that it’s a problem of having too many ignorant, fearful people who lack the ability to do critical thinking, not the problem of having a different ideology/agenda to change the meaning of democracy in this country. Actually, if that’s the case, they need to find another name, not democracy. Democracy is democracy; its meaning stays the same regardless of the country that claims to hold it. What these extreme right-wing people are doing are NOT in the name of democracy or freedom of speech (my ASS!). I honestly don’t know what the new name would be because I’m still perplexed with the whole thing.

Actually, after thinking about this more, I am positive it’s the problem of ignorance, having uncontrollable fear to the point that it becomes delusional, and therefore, arrives to the inability to come to critical thinking. Why? Because you can’t even expect these people to even understand the difference between socialism and communist principles, not to mention fascism. Poor President Obama, he got them all. I hope he can see the humor in this since he’s the first president ever, possibly of any country, who has been called all the above, and yet, not all the above.

I watched Countdown with Keith Olbermann on the day after the Presidential Speech, and he said something that I completely agree. I’m not sure the exact quote, but he simply said that it’s not the war, nuclear power, H1N1, or terrorist attack that will bring this country down, but it’s the fear and ignorance. I said something similar to that in another essay that I wrote. Fear and lack of critical thinking are the threats of democracy. These two are the foundations of ignorant, prejudice and racist thinking. It’s the fear of losing whatever sense of power these people think they have and it has increased due to the fact that we now have a Black president in power. My concern is that when and if this fear continues to increase, the feeling of desperation is also likely to continue. Desperate people will do almost anything. If we, meaning the people and government of this country, don’t intervene urgently, I’m afraid something very ugly may come out of this as a result; something that will shake the whole country. The ugliness is worrisome and worth everyone’s attention and action to bring down the fire and cool the temperature.


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