The 8th Anniversary of 911 Attack

I’m not sure what I would like to say in this essay. I just think that it’s worth the time to note that so many people died on that day and that the 911 attack has been unfairly used by the Bush administration to start a war that we still fight until now. 

So, today is the 8th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. I still remember exactly where I was on that day and time. I was at my previous job. It was the job where I worked with children and adolescents at a residential place. I remember looking at the TV screen as the second flight hit the tower. I’d like to never forget that moment, the thoughts that came to my head, the shocking feeling I felt. We should never forget it because it’s there to remind us what we did wrong. Yes, what we, this country, did wrong.

Perhaps in a different opportunity (maybe next year), I wll continue this topic further. But for now, to those who have been affected and traumatized by this event, may your pain lessen over time, may you eventually find some kind of peace inside you, and may you continue to endure. For this country, may the politicians stop using and taking advantage of this event in a wrong way to further their nasty agenda and see this event as it is, that is a result of this country’s own fear. For the world, may we all find peace that we deserve and stop using violence against each other.


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