War is a game that adults play,

not children.

We tell our children not to play with fire,

but we do,

and we pass the consequences to them.


Sad because there is no logical explanation.

How do you explain to them about war?

How do you explain to them why adults fight, hate, kill?

I don’t have any answer.

But perhaps,

If we continue to ask the question,

Maybe we will admit the answer one of these days?

…that we are selfish?

…that we are greedy?

…that we are…




6 thoughts on “War

  1. Maybe this is an answer:
    “War is a game that grown ups play
    and children learn to like
    You’re born both innocent and blank
    But soon you learn to strike
    It brings such pleasure when a fist
    Connects, creating pain
    Oh such a lovely game, this war
    Let’s play, let’s play again”…

  2. My apologies, but would it be OK for you to delete my previous comment? I kind of got inspired and developed the verse into three and plan on publishing them later this week, if it passes my two reviewers… I’ll post a link when it’s up if that would be of any value.

    • Hmm, I’m not sure why would you want me to delete your previous comment? I thought it was good. Glad to have inspired you, although we obviously disagree on the meaning and purpose of war. But art is art, it’s supposed to inspire. Thanks for stopping by. I took a peek on your blog, but don’t have enough time now to read. I will do so when I have more time.

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