What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Internet. Like, you know, facebook… and like, you know, right now. It’s almost midnight and I have facebook, my email, and this blog open at the same time while listening to songs from my pandora radio station. Lovely.

I’d be lost if I suddenly don’t have the internet connection at home. I’m sure of it. The funny things is I’ve had the internet connection at home for about a year only. I still remember those days when I came home and did anything other than staring at my laptop screen. Vaguely, though, because the memories sure are fading fast…thanks to the joy that facebook has brought to my life. Love you, facebook. I promise I will watch your movie about how you were created as a sign of my appreciation.

By the way, what DID I use to do back then at home without the internet connection? Huh?!

Like I said in my previous blog entry, facebook and other social connection devices over the internet have been a blessing because I have made so many connections with friends and families over the internet, some old and some new.

Unfortunately, it is also a place to get lost, sometimes too easily. I’ve asked myself if I could ever live at least a week without the internet. And the answer is, I did. The last time I went home to visit my family in Indonesia. No computer, no internet connection at my parent’s home. You may be curious how did I find the whole experience. Hmm…let’s just say, I had plenty of distractions during the time. My days were full with activities and dozing off due to jetlag, which equals to no time for the internet.

Internet, by the way, is not the only thing that keeps me awake at night. Worrying is another one. Uhm…and I don’t know what the solution to this one, especially if what I’m worried about is happening thousands of miles away in Makassar. My family. You want to know how helpless feels like sometimes? Walk in my shoes, and I wouldn’t mind if you just take over my shoes and run with them too. Seriously, take the damn shoes 😉


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