Season Change

Rustling sound of the drying leaves outside

being blown by the restless wind

an aching heart

knowing another change is here.

Autumn leaves

changing color



blowing in the cold wind

flying nowhere

no direction.

So small

so powerless

a speck of dust.

So what’s one to do

other than

following the wind

until the next change

knocking at the door.


3 thoughts on “Season Change

  1. mmmmm autumn. the colour, the air, the leaves falling, the rain, the wind, the temperature. everything just feels right and perfect. it’s my absolute favourite season.

  2. yeah, used to like it very much too. I still like it, but not as much as it used to be. I welcome spring any time now. I think what’s hard about autumn is what’s coming afterwards. I dread winter, especially after December, the low that comes after the holiday season. Anyway, that’s too much thinking ahead to winter. You’re probably right, I just need to enjoy the “here and now” moment of autumn. So calm and still outside. Well, hey, that sounds like a beginning of another poem. “calm and still”….

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