A flower poster.

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I wrote this poem as a response to the following blog: Therefore, the credit goes to the author of the blog, Simply Marvellous, for inspiring me.  I attached the following two versions of the Peace, Love and Understanding song to accompany your reading.  Enjoy.


Something beautiful in the air
it caught us in its web of fragrant
a strong sweet-scented of desire
you’re wanted
we welcome you
like the smell of flowers

why is it so hard to keep you
why is it so difficult to nourish you
you always go
and we always let you go
even if we secretly desire you

a love and hate relationship
this world have with you
always complicated
lasting as long as our memory lasts
albeit unreliable
because of the long-term memory problem

in the end
we go back to you again
we look for you again
after a long and exhausting journey
after no tears left
after losing so much and so many

if we could just admit it
that our soul is hungry for you
that we exist because of you
and that we are made of you
then we would have been fine
but is that too much to wish for?



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