This is in reply to a challenge on writing a poem about….beets! You heard me, beets. I don’t like beets. My mom used to force me to eat beets, and I don’t know why she had to do that, but the damage has been done. I’m not sure if even therapy can cure me from this damage. But here it is, the answer to the challenge. Just for fun, folks. It won’t change me in my relationship with beets.

In a time to meet and greet
I must say I know nothing of thee
you’re not wheat
and you’re not what I would call a treat

So what are you?

Red like the color of heat
very nutritious indeed
I stay away from you on the street
but you seem hard to defeat

So what should I do with you?

Perhaps one day I will succumb to you, beet
that means, you know, to eat
and declare my defeat
after all, somebody said you are sweet


3 thoughts on “Beet

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