last breath

Credit to lavaspawn @ DeviantArt, titled Last Breath

This is in response to and inspired by another poem. My compliment is for Mr. Martin, and the link is provided below. Please check out his blog for incredible poems.

i have
only one breath left
i will use it
to say

forgive me

i have wronged
so many
will NOT
be enough
i rather
ask for

forgive me
forgive the past
let go
move on
go on
i’m gone
life continues

my journey
my future
my life
is about


the question
do i
another chance



2 thoughts on “last breath

  1. Wow…that’s a very eye-opening thought! I like the way you’ve put it here… asking for forgiveness rather than simply apologizing… that had such a depth to it.. really beautiful!
    And I totally ADORE slpmartin’s poetry… he is my inspiration as well… his works are absolutely terrific!!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kavita. And yes, slpmartin is my inspiration too, although I’m such a novice compared to both of you when it comes to poetry 🙂

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