I Need to Stop Watching ‘Criminal Minds’

Seriously! I need to stop watching Criminal Minds, The Closer, or any other detective shows on TV with abbreviations on its title. A few came to mind: NCIS, CSI (or was it CIS?), SVU, SUV, VSU…whatever. You got the point.

I admit I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Criminal Minds. I just discovered it this year and got hooked immediately. To my major surprise, I found out that the show has been on since 2006. Que horror! Shame on me!

I’ve been watching Criminal Minds every night now in the past three months. Two of the TV channels play old episodes of Criminal Minds every night. Needless to say, I have nothing else to watch every night other than CM. Great. Something else to be obsessed with.

So then why would I think I may need to stop watching CM? Because now I can’t help to think that there are a lot of sick people in this country! And worse, they murder other people! Excuse the dramatization here, I can’t help it. Some of these episodes made me close my eyes and ears. I mean, they just test my imagination. These stories have to come from somewhere or were inspired by real life situations, right? Hellou! That’s just creepy. This is the exact reason why I keep looking around my surrounding every time before I enter or exit my car, daylight or night time. *sigh*

But why oh why do I keep watching? I must admit, I love this show. Criminal Minds more than the other TV shows. I keep going back to it every night. Sometimes I even rewatch the re-runs.

Oh, I know why I love CM so much. That’s it! It’s the quotes. L-O-V-E them. I would like to ask the producer of CM, who is the genius who searched and found those quotes. They always match the content of the episode.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, that I discovered some of the best quotes in my life from…a TV show. Yeah. That’s big. Enough to be blogged about.


3 thoughts on “I Need to Stop Watching ‘Criminal Minds’

  1. LOL.. I share your sentiment, Olive Tree.. I am a huge fan of CM (and all those other crime shows as well)… and that very fact makes me wonder about my own psyche… hehehhe

    But seriously, the awesome lines they quote at the start and end of the show are simply AHHHmazing!!!

  2. Yup, I love many of those quotes. I must say, though, which I forgot to put on my blog, that another main reason why I love CM so much, more so than the other shows, is the psychological stuff they brought into the show. It’s amazing, and yet scary too. I know my psyche is probably pretty messed up to like this TV show, and yet I always hope for a happy ending as a conclusion for each episode. Hah! I remember the episode when Hotchner’s wife was killed, and I cried like a baby. Oh, that was a tough episode to watch. Anyway, the show is AMAZING!!!

  3. I have the same issue lol I watched 7 episodes yesterday…. at least. Of course I could have finished my book but I had to see more of Spencer. If I could meet a guy exactly like him…. my life would be complete lol

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