Why So Much Hate?

I’m talking about the Uganda‘s anti-gay bill that’s hot on the news this week. I first heard it last year and have been keeping up with it ever since. The bill was supposed to be discussed today, May 11th, in Uganda’s parliament, but it has been delayed until Friday for another debate. I think those of us, including myself, who have taken the position of rejecting the bill got ourselves a small, temporary room to breathe, but it’s not the end of the fight yet. It is still to be determined in two days. Click the link below to read further.


The title of this post does not reflect my lack of understanding or naivete about this matter. It’s merely reflecting my frustration. Trust me, I know why there’s so much hate on this subject of gay relationship. At the bottom of all types of hate in this world is fear. In reality, I stop asking the “why” question. I’ve come to an understanding that fear and hatred have always been and will always be a part of human nature, unfortunately. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get rid of it. Evil lives among us and it will always find new victims to capture. These then will be the people that spread the message of hate, violence, and evil against the same human species, against each other.

Regardless whether you agree with how gays choose to live their lives and who they choose to fall in love with, I’m hoping there’s a part of you who would agree that nobody deserves to die for those reasons. This is not a crime and should not even be considered as a criminal activity, equivalent to murder. I mean, death penalty? If I haven’t convinced you because I know I’m not experienced enough when it comes to persuasion, can you please at least watch the video below and tell me, what’s the difference between this couple and many couples that you and I know in our lives, including your own relationships (past and present)?


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