a prayer and a wish

I know that we’re here on this earth
on borrowed time
it is not up to us
on how and when we leave
a destiny has been scripted for you
and we may not know the end
of that script yet
but as your body continues the fight
I send you my prayers alongside you
because you’re not alone
in your fight

courtesy of google images

fight or let go,
whatever you choose
I know you’d do it for a good reason
because I don’t know what God’s script is
my only prayer for you
is that you find peace and strength
throughout your battle,
all the way
and I will always be there
right next to you

just know that
along with the prayers
I also send out a wish
to whomever would like to grant it
that I get to see you again
even if it is only for one more time
it is a selfish wish, I know
but I can’t help it
as a friendship like yours
is too precious to lose
this early

you’re one of the reasons
why I made my decision
will you be there
when I get there?


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