(Can’t Think of a Title for This One)

I woke up today to a bad news about a dear friend. I received the news through facebook message in my inbox from another close friend. The news from friend number two was telling me that our mutual and very close friend, friend number one, is very ill with the c-word. I’m having a hard time to say the illness, it’s the second diagnosis within less than a year. My heart dropped to the floor, my stomach felt like it’s been twisted, and I just lost it there. Why does this have to happen to her, which is the normal question one would ask. I couldn’t even go back to sleep after I read that message. As fear and grief capture me, a thought came to me. Will I ever have a chance to see her again? She’s thousands of miles away. I can’t help to think that this time it is very serious, more than the first one. What can one do now other than saying a prayer? And yet, the helplessness feeling is still creeping up inside.


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