About Gogyohka or 5-line poetry

Some of you have probably noticed that lately I’ve been posting short poems, consisting of only 5 lines.  There are more than one type of 5-line poetry, but the one that I am referring to specifically is called gogyohka.  It originated from Japan, invented by Enta Kusakabe from Japan.  I am new in gogyohka, so for more information about Gogyohka, I am referring you to the website below and when I find more information in the future, I will also add them to this post.


I recently joined a poetry challenge, which is to produce at least one of these 5-line poems on a daily basis throughout the month of May.  I have enjoyed this challenged immensely that I plan to continue writing gogyohka poems even after May.  Often I found it difficult actually to write short poems, to crunch what’s in my mind into 5 short, concise, succinct lines.  However, that is why I became so intrigued with gogyohka for exactly the same reason: the fresh, succinct messages expressed in almost “one breath” while still invoking a feeling from my readers.  I have read some beautiful gogyohka poems that left me feeling surprised, sad, happy, or even giddy afterward.

If any of you is interested to know more about gogyohka or participate, please let me know.  I also refer you to Gogyohka Junction, which is an online gogyohka community where you can get further information and support from other poets and gogyohka experts, as well as in getting your feet wet in gogyohka if you’re a novice like me.  I found it to be a very supportive community.

You can also click on the pink flower symbol on the right side bar of my blog that will take you to another blog which has links to more gogyohka blogs.  Hope you can join me and introduce yourself to this exciting challenge.  Don’t mind the fact that May is almost over because gogyohka will stay here for long, beyond May.


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