Unknown Territory

waking up to an unknown morning
    she knew right away something is missing
feels familiar yet
    smells foreign at the same time
treading softly on the carpet
    afraid to make a noise
feeling a scream is rising up inside
    or is it a yawn?
she sees a glint of light
    coming through the shades
it reflects more lights on the pair of glasses
    she left last night by the window pane
she tries to listen to the faint song,
    reaching out from the other side of the wall
it is one of her favorites
    speaks of longing and despair
she feels a pang of loneliness
    a stir of doubt, a stint of fear
the music is competing with the windchime outside
    moving anxiously from the fierce wind
don't be fooled by the sun,
    she whispers to the empty room,
it's a cold morning indeed
    another unknown territory
so what's new, sunshine
    what d'ya bring for me today?

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