Let me just say, first of all, that it was harder to write a poem on chocolate than on any other subjects that I’ve done so far. Why is that, I wonder? Maybe because chocolate is an item, a tangible item, very real as compared to an idea or intangible stuff like solitude or innocence? Something to ponder about this weekend while enjoying a box of chocolate in my hands…. hmm… yummy.  Hope you enjoy my cheesy poem. It was hard to write, but was also fun in a way. Makes me hungry now for sure.

♥  ♥  ♥

I don’t understand
some say you’re bad
but without you in my dairyland
I would go mad

if you are
like a box of treasure
then entice me closer
to your instant pleasure

gooey, rich
oh, you give me an itch!
the darker your color
and i won’t mind you as my stalker

This post is part of the Thursday Think Tank # 50 — prompt: Chocolate

Both pictures above are courtesy of Thursday Think Tank.



13 thoughts on “chocolate

  1. Ah hmm…WoW!

    Smiling…I had the naughtiest thought, especially about the ending, but I think I’d better keep it to myself…never know who’s reading!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • lol…It was hard to stay away from all of the sexual connotations behind some of these words, that’s chocolate ! Glad to share and make people smile.

  2. ok you must made me want a jar of Nutella!! cute poem….and yes feel free to post the song….i took it from You Tube!! glad you liked it….have a great weekend

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