Watching, Wondering, What?

Colorful sun dresses
lightly blown by the warm breeze
A couple kissing in the corner
while their kids playing nearby
A young girl busy blowing bubbles
tempting the other kids to chase them
A jerk jabbering on a cell phone
what an eye sore
A cop on a horse
now that’s a sight
A boy peacefully napping in a stroller
completely trusting his surroundings
Birds scooping low
cleaning the leftovers of humans
A little Asian toddler, insisting
on pushing her own stroller

I love what I do best
watching the world’s actors
playing their parts so well
without instructions
while I smell like the sun
hiding safely behind
a pair of dark glasses
still wondering about
my own part


3 thoughts on “Watching, Wondering, What?

  1. Beautiful! I am a people watcher too, and am sometimes puzzled about my role. I tend to observe rather than interact. Maybe that’s why we like to blog! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi , just passing through from my friends spaces and came across your great site , like your style of writing and your poetry , thought provoking
    Enjoyed my visit
    Ian aka Emu

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