been here too many times
tired of failing
done with disappointments
fed up with life’s sweet promises
leaving becomes inevitable
so she picks up her luggage
it’s heavier now
and so are her steps
carefully she starts walking
avoiding holes on the sideroad
this is life for her now
her heart tucked away deep
locked safely in a chest
guarded by the memory of bitterness
and a life under the surface for so long
leave me be, she says
no more of this
retreating, she finds a shelter
takes her time tending her wounds
but GONE is all
empty is what’s left
a barren soul
an unpretty sight


2 thoughts on “GONE

  1. How I remember that feeling of wanting to tuck my heart inside, the aloneness, the feeling of being untethered and trying to figure out who am I when I no longer am who I thought I was.

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