Missing Her

she has a way of waking her mommy up
laying down right next to her
as if she owns the bed
parking her bottom facing her

she has a way of owning the house
marking her presence everywhere
in places where nobody would guess
I bet she wouldn’t mind to be called a queen

she has a way of owning the yard
planting her seeds in every corner
she makes no resentment over the changing of weather
her skin color just pops under the sun

she has a way of getting along with kids
the best entertainer anyone could ask for
perhaps even the best babysitter in the neighborhood
caution, she is good in stealing heart

and she has a way of doing just that,
you know, stealing heart
even after years of post-goodbye
a slight of memory, a cup full of tears

her name is Bonnie
and she is the jewel of her mommy’s heart

***This poem is inspired by a true story. Thus, I dedicate this to the two people in the poem, my friend who had to leave behind her baby in this country after making a decision to go back to her home country a few years ago, and her baby, Bonnie, of course. Meet Bonnie in a picture below. Isn’t she a cutey-pie?




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15 thoughts on “Missing Her

  1. I guessed it right! It was a very cute Bonnie… 🙂 Well, her name rings true to what she’s up to now… 🙂 with a big bone she’s trying to struggle with! Very cute poem! I love it! And very cute photo of Bonnie! 🙂

    • You were good if you could guess it. I tried not to make it too obvious. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Bonnie is very cute. I never met her myself. I just enjoy watching her pictures.

  2. I just read this older poem in your blog, Olive, and I found it very touching. It would have been so difficult to leave a dog behind. I don’t know if I could move if I couldn’t take my ‘babies’ along.

    • This story is about my friend, and yes, it was and still is difficult for her. She misses Bonnie so much and will probably never see her again. It is sad, but also admirable. Bonnie is in good hands. She thrives and enjoys her life. Thank you for your comment.

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