An Update on My Case

I know I’ve been away for quite some time. I did my move across the ocean from the U.S. to Indonesia almost a month ago, and I’m still in the adjustment process. I haven’t forgotten my blog and my readers, and I hope that I can get back to writing and posting again soon. The problem I’m facing here in Indonesia are the slow internet process and the heat. The heat is making me very exhausted. It’s draining me out of my energy and creativity. The bad internet connection is also not helping. There were times when I couldn’t even access my blog. I just need a little more time to adjust. Like a magnet, I can feel the pull from my blog. It’s calling my name, so I know I will come back soon. I ask for a little bit more patience from my readers.

Oh, and when oh when will I be adjusted to this heat? I swear I never thought that I have this much liquid in my body to produce so much sweat. Two showers a day feels insufficient. I haven’t even left the shower room sometimes before I already started sweating again after a shower. My room has air conditioning which I use only at night time, but not the rest of the house. I use anything within my reach to fan myself, including a pastic plate during meal time. By the way, how much energy is spent when fanning oneself?


One thought on “An Update on My Case

  1. the internet there sucks. i know i sound like a teenager but i have no other word for it.
    as for the heat… it was ridiculous! when i was there earlier this year it was lovely, lots of rain and cool(er) days. this time around, it didn’t rain the whole three weeks i was there. i have been back in norway for four days now and it has rained every single day. rain makes me sooo happy.

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