to focus
is to try,
to try
is to get up,
to get up
is to be awake,
to be awake
is to feel,
to feel
is to admit
that she’s still
when there’s a part of her
wanting to shut all of her senses
wishing she can stop caring
feeling like sleeping forever
hoping her world can stop turning

the hushed longing tears,
the silent screams,
the muted desire,
the unspoken dream,
they’re crushed by the harsh reality
eaten slowly by the hour of time
wasting away

no point left in hoping
or waiting for a different ending
status quo remains
there is only one keepsake she saves
it is her one and only regret
an unshakable one

but she learns
God knows she learns her lesson well
as she says her silent vow
she watches the road ahead
empty, yet open


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