My Own Quote about Life

I apologize ahead of time, the following may sound cheesy and corny, but hell. They come from my heart, so bite me. 🙂

Have courage
Take chances
Ignore those inner voices that
send messages of fear
Live life
Grab opportunities
Respect others
Want what you already have
Take care of yourself and your needs
It is not selfish to discover your needs
Ask yourself this question,
what is happiness to you?
Then find it,
grab it,
don’t ever lose it
Self-pitying is useless
Delaying what needs to be done
is just prolonging the pain
and to what other purpose?
What’s the worse that can happen?
To realize that you may fail?
That you may be rejected?
That you may lose everything?
Well, have you noticed
that all of the above have already happened?
Brace yourself for the worse
but don’t think for a second
that all the worse shall happen
Because if they don’t,
well, wouldn’t you want to find out
how it tastes?
Hear this last part out, carefully,
And don’t just hear,
but listen too
and tuck the message inside
lock it in a safety box if you have to
You deserve them all
Everything that you thought you don’t
and HAPPINESS being at the top of the list


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