Finding “It”

stepping out softly
it was early morning
the earth underneath her feet was still wet
showered clean from the night rain
they said she could find it there
some say to look for it
some say it was not difficult to find
not knowing what to do
she searched under the stones
behind the branches
perhaps it was hidden under the river water
she asked her surroundings if they had seen it
but oh no,
there was only an echo of her question
and the sound of nature
she found none


she stepped out of the cab
welcomed by the cruel heat of the afternoon
what a change, she thought
it was loud and crowded
bumper to bumper
cars and men competing who were louder
sticky from the heat and still on the same mission,
she’s fully determined now
they said she might find it there too
she looked beyond the wall of people
too exhausted to ask each sweaty face
if anyone had seen it
dared not to hope that it would be easy this time
but she tried
and still to no avail


she waves at the lonesome boy nearby
the beach is almost empty
the boy, her only companion,
begging her to buy something
feeling sorry, she buys one
it is a small figurine of an angel
made out of dark wood
they said she will find it here
the last possible place for it
but no more searching this time
she sits down instead on the hot sand,

it is a quiet and peaceful place
she remembers a friend once told her
sometimes when you’re not looking for it,
it may come to you
looking down at the angel in her hand
she knows

she’s in the right place


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