sun touches the earth’s moon
tears filling up the clouds
journeys to change the past exist
wars fought with flowers
laughters and tears are the cures for all
feelings come with an instruction
peace and happiness are inherited
heart can never be broken
eternity has a limit
futures can be scripted

they are called.

Am I?


This poem is a result of a challenge made by Poets United’s The Thursday Think Tank #62: to create a poem using the third letter of my first name. I used the letter I in Olive and picked Impossible. Please click the Poets United logo below to see more inspiring and wonderful poems by other poets who also took on the challenge this week. Enjoy.


22 thoughts on “Impossible

  1. Olive, this is wonderful! You wrote so many (I)mpossibilities, tied them together delightfully. And the ending…well, it took my breath away? (I guess many of us are pretty ‘impossible.’ LOL)

    • Thank you, Mary. In the midst of many impossibilities, I just hope to be possible once in a while. A possibility conveys a chance.

      I enjoyed reading yours too, Mary.

  2. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. This piece is beautiful. “To dream the impossible dream…” (“Man of La Mancha) is one of my favorite songs. It goes against all rational thought, and therefore seems all the more possible to me. We are the dreamers of these dreams, the ones who point toward the clouds and say, “Ponder these for a while.” Your words are inspiring and challenging. A great write! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  3. Nothing’s impossible, it just sometimes takes a while to realize this and a while longer to bring it about. Good poem.

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