Why Life Is Good

I’d like to share with you some short stories.

i saw a moon the other night. it was beautiful, yellow, huge, almost fully round with parts covered by the dark clouds of the night. it paused me on my steps, forcing me to take a moment to stare. it’s been raining often lately and the sky has been taken over by clouds. a rare moment like this was not to be skipped. just a few seconds, just a few breaths, but a lasting memory in my head. see, my friends, that is why life is beautiful. because i can still see those little things that make this world beautiful. i wish i can share the scene with everyone. i would have loved to show the white beauty. a magnificent sight. the kind that once you see it, you can’t pull your eyes away.

i spent some time with some friends the other day, just the three of us. we went for an afternoon walk during the last two hours before the sun decided to retire. walking, chatting, teasing, cracking jokes, laughing, catching our breaths, and having a wonderful time. we also did one naughty thing. we stole some fruits. they were some type of berries. small, red, with no seed, and juicy. the name has escaped me, but it’s a fruit that people do not seem to care. can’t find them in the market or in anyone’s yard. these trees have no owner, they’re wild ones. so we simply invited ourselves to pull the branches down and grab the fruits. we saw these trees throughout our walk. let’s just say that we paused our walk several times. we also passed by a lime tree, a tall one, no owner, and did the same for a few small limes. people passed by and saw us, but they didn’t seem to mind, so we continued. laughing, cracking, pushing or pulling, telling each other to grab this or that, jumping, hopping, screaming, running, eating, and again, just having fun. three adult ladies acting like three little kids, what a sight we must be. but that, my friends, why life is beautiful. it’s those moments, memorable moments that will hopefully last forever. years from now, i will remember that afternoon walk when we stole fruits and acted goofy, not because of what we did, but because of the bonding, closeness, and wonderful feelings all three of us shared.

i read a very touching poem today, written by Rumi. an old poem, obviously, but yet so fresh and versatile still for this period of time, or any in that matter. it brought a little tears to my eyes. it cracked open a smile on my lips. it made my heart ached. i let out a sigh. i might have stopped breathing too while reading the poem. sounding cliche, but it probably did steal my breath away. that is why, my friends, life is beautiful. something as simple as someone’s writing, someone who had long time ago left this earth, can touch me that deeply. that is why, my friends, life is beautiful. because i could feel the love from the poem, be moved by an unseen power touching me from behind those words.

Life has been good to me, I have nothing to complain. These three stories are just a minuscule part of why life is good to me, why I’m thankful to be alive. I realize now that life will always be good to us, even when it throws us hardship, because hardship is supposed to function as a life lesson. It’s whether we allow ourselves, or choose to, appreciate those life lessons that is the key. It’s also about learning to appreciate the little things we see and experience each day.

Namaste. Shalom.




This post has been part of Sunday Scribblings #293: Life is Good.


11 thoughts on “Why Life Is Good

  1. These stories that you have shared are excellent!! There is so much up for grabs in the little things in life!! You have gathered wondrous treasures through your journey and there’s no limit to collecting it!!
    Really it is us who can make life be good to us!!

    • We feel the sun on our skin but we can’t stare at it. Thank goodness there’s a moon so there’s something to stare, and what a wondrous thing to stare at indeed 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

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