The Versatile Blogger Award

About two weeks ago, I received a blog award called the Versatile Blogger Award from the writer that goes by the name of Eclipse (Eclipse of the Moon). I am very honored and humbled to receive the recognition from someone like Eclipse whose writing I have enjoyed reading for quite some time now. Earlier in the year, I started to become very active in building this blog of mine. During that time, I also encountered a community of active bloggers/writers/poets through various memes (to read: it rhymes with ‘themes’) that challenge, foster, and support novice and skillful writers like myself. Eclipse is one of the few writers that I have come across many times during my adventure in the meme world. I am a novice compared to her. This post is therefore a tribute to such a talented, great, wonderful writer and a source of inspiration. Thank you, Eclipse.

The award comes with a few rules. First, to accept it, I must come up with 7 things about myself. I try my best to say something that won’t bore my readers, so here they are. No, no rolling drums, please. thank you (:

1. When I say I’m a novice in poetry, it is very true. I wrote my first poem in July 2010. It was attributed to my neighbor at that time, who was unfortunately, racist, rude, and lonely. I felt sorry for him while at the same time tried my best to stay away. To a certain degree, he scared me. I guess he inspired me to write my first one. Nah! It was actually based on a challenge from one of the memes about writing a poem about my neighbor :). If anyone is interested to read it, here’s the link to see it: A Poem Dedicated to My Neighbor.

2. I am a very sensitive person. Most of my friends can testify to this. I can cry, and have cried, on many movies or whatever, easily. I take things to the heart. I dwell on them. I get angry, cranky perhaps, sad, but then after some time I’m done with it. Holding a grudge is not a tendency of mine. So if people around me can deal with my mood while I resolve whatever it is that bothers me and perhaps give me some space, then I bet we can get along just fine.

3. Most of the activities that I love to do, besides going out with my friends, tend to be the type that fosters seclusion and reclusion, such as writing, knitting, reading, walking in the park, meditating, sitting somewhere and observing people, going for a long drive and listening/singing to the music (something that I miss tremendously), browsing books in bookstore, and sitting in coffee shop alone. Here’s the irony, though. I could drop all of these for an invitation to be with my close friends at any time. Maybe it’s not an irony, but a way to balance between the two needs, to be alone and to belong.

4. I love to learn something new. I love it when I come across a new phenomenon, skills, or knowledge. Along with this, I also love to give others what I know. When I can share what I know, it brings such a joy inside. And to see that person uses what I just shared is even more rewarding.

5. I am good in starting a project, but I suck at finishing. I tend to jump easily from one project to another. I used to be called a mad knitter because of the unfinished knitting projects laying around the house.

6. I have recently overcome a major struggle in my life, the biggest one I have ever gone through. I think I am coming to the surface now. During this experience, I have been given a chance to work through my biggest demon, loneliness. I consider myself lucky to come out on the other side. The journey still continues, though.

7. I have a tendency to be wordy and try to explain myself too much, as you can tell from the length of this post thus far.

The second part of this award is that I have to nominate other bloggers. 15 of them. I don’t seem to have a specific type of bloggers that I follow. There are some that write poetry, essays, or use photography to convey their mind. Here are the ones that I have been following for a while.

A NOTE here: By giving you this award, I am recognizing your work and talent. Many of you here I have followed for quite some time, some I have become friends with over our shared interest in blogging, and some are close friends. I want you all to take pride in your work. By no means that I want you to feel that you have to continue recognizing others the way I do it here. You can just simply accept it and that’s it. I don’t want it to become a burden for you to have to write up a post like this. Feel free to do what you want with it.

*Now, somebody can play the drum roll, please.*

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7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I wish to thank you for such a beautiful response. It was a pleasure reading about you. Sorry to hear about that difficult struggle of yours. It’s nice to sense some positive vibes though. As you said the journey continues, we may find ourselves down for many different reasons and troubles in life…
    But we will rise… 🙂
    Wishing you a cozy evening

    • Thank you, Eclipse. With the love of our hobby, of expressing ourselves in our writing, yes, we will rise again every time we fall. That’s life. It has to continue. Thanks again for your support and recognition. Love, Olive Tree.

  2. Whoa! I almost fell off my chair when I saw my blog on the list, thank you so much! Congratulations on your award, I am enjoying reading your blog and I’m glad you have been recognized for it! P.S. Can I copy and paste your 7 things?….I think they work for me too, lol.

    • hahahahaahah…. What a coincidence! I almost fell off my chair too from laughing so hard…at your comments 😀 . Thanks for that laughter. I sure can use it. Gotta keep this sense of humor up and going. Life is too cold sometimes. 😉 I enjoyed reading yours too. Loved your sense of humor. Thanks for keep on reading mine. Hope I can stop by at my blogger/friends’ blogs more often too. It’s just that this internet connection in my country sucks. Too slow. But I will do it!

  3. Big Congratz to you!!! I can so relate to the ways you describe yourself and your interactions to friends. You sound like an amazing person and I am very happy for you!

  4. Dearest Ebi!!

    I am speechless for this special award you bestow me. I’m not sure if I am worthy of it, since my blogging is competing with farming in Farmville. A lot of time, Farmville wins, unfortunately, as you witness from time to time. With that, I thank you for giving me this award, and thank you for warming my heart. You’re the one who is the versatile blogger. 🙂


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