A Regret

Image credit to PWCPhoto

the hourglass has been turned
and the white sand
down it goes
tick tock
tickety tock
an unexpected company
up against the wall
the faster the sand goes
the louder seems the sound
trying to steal my mind

but really,
nothing worth to steal there
now empty
clueless what to think
too scared to dream
too scarred to hope
it’s just that
what to do with this heart
you know,
still pounding
still feeling
time suppose to heal
so they say

a chuckle,

all sand is gone
but the sound is still there
no way to stop time
that’s the truest truth
tick tock
tickety tock

a sigh,

honesty hurts
and so the hourglass
has been turned….

but don’t you know?
time can’t erase it.

Image credit to Lidor Wyssocky

One Single Impression, Prompt #194: Hourglass


15 thoughts on “A Regret

  1. i really enjoyed it especially the second part i am not so sure about the last bit there it feels like it doesnt fit but thats probly just me. thankyou for sharing

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