I Am …

i am learning
how to walk again
watching where I step
realizing for the first time
how foreign my footsteps look
how distant the ground feels

i am rediscovering dancing
i danced again for the first time
alone, the other night
catching up with my oldies
trying my best to feel the music
but surprisingly missed a few beat

i am living, moving
starting and finishing my day with a hunger
trying not to choke on life’s golden fruits and sweets
i am creating, producing, acting
feigning, fooling God’s creatures
i can walk on a string now

i am growing
and dying simultaneously
like the grass under my feet
it’s growing under the sun
but will soon die from being stepped on
if not from the heat and thirst

i am trying hard not to drift
but after facing a storm and losing all my belongings
these hands desperately flailing, looking for a grip
but serendipity kindly responded, or was it faith
these hands finally found a rock, a strong one
and i tuck it safely in my pocket

i am responsible
to me and my rock only
trusting no one but us
i tried, failed, fell, rose, learned, and now understand
every path I choose
is mine only to take

i am
… hidden within my visibility
… visible in my hiding,
… loved in my disastrous life
… a disaster in love
… crying behind the smile
… smiling to stop the tears
… one of many pieces
… broken in pieces to be one
… thankful in my prayer
… praying to stay grateful
… alive in my dying
… dying so i know i’m still alive.

Poets United Thursday Think Tank #75 – You and Yourself


14 thoughts on “I Am …

  1. Hi. Enjoyed reading your poem and the optimistic tone of it is quite humbling. We should indeed be truly thankful for each day that we’re alive. The last four lines sum it up nicely and yes, sometimes we have die a few times to appreciate being alive:

    “thankful in my prayer
    … praying to stay grateful
    … alive in my dying
    … dying so i know i’m still alive.”

    Great write! Thanks for sharing.

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