On Meditation

in this space alone
gone are the shrills of the world
i’m left with my own


“keep mind in order,
don’t let thoughts take over mind”
becomes the new thought


my mind simply slips
i feel no more of tingling
as dream captures me


answers come to me
during my walk, as fresh air
opens up my soul


oh come, heal my soul
i open my heart for thee
my long await peace

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – prompt: Meditate


8 thoughts on “On Meditation

  1. beautiful collection of haikus. loved each and every one of them. i really wonder how people make their minds blank, thoughtless- i tried but failed so i have quit trying.

    • hahaha… no, come back, try again. meditation takes practice. the goal is not to have a blank mind, thoughtless, because that’s impossible. if it is possible to have that state of mind, then it takes years and years of practice to reach it. most common folks like us will probably never get there, so give up on that as a goal. the goal is about learning to surrender, to have less control of your mind actually, instead of to have more control of mind. find more reading, find a group of people that do this if you want to learn meditation. it is worth it, but the first thing you have to give up is to have a perfect meditation 🙂 thanks again for visiting and commenting. sorry it took me a while to respond. I love your poems too.

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