A Thanksgiving Offering

for our beloved family and friends that are here with us in this life and those who have moved on; 

for those who are sick and recovering;
those who have entered our lives or left;
those who have loved or hurt us; those who are in pain, lonely, alone, isolated;
those who are lost so they can find their way back;
for our good health, strong mind, a shelter, food, water, clothes, fortune, employment, laughter, wisdom, and maturity;
for opportunities to experience freedom, safety, peace, happiness, gratitude, and to receive and give love in however ways we know.


This post is brought to you personally by this humble author and inspired by Jenny Matlock at Saturday Centus.


7 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Offering

  1. You ahve put together a wonderful pray fo love and blessing toa ll that have come in or out of our lives. So well put! Thank you for coming by my blog and for the lvoely words you left behind. Happy Thanksgivng!

  2. What a wonderfully expressed prayer of Thanksgiving.

    Your words are incredibly powerful and touching.

    I read this over several times.

    It felt like a hymn to me. It spoke directly to my heart.

    Thank you.

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