a craving in the night
a howl in a desperate cry
drowned in a painful state of wonder
this gaping hole is getting bigger
what should she do if she could stand it no longer?
she’d like to weep
but tired of seeing lines and bags
smiling from under the numbing stare
is there something to hang on to?
is there a reverse button?
what about a cheer button?
she asks around for any sign
they told her to keep searching
and she has been, but
only silence
and the fleeting sparks in the sky
as her silent company
after dragging herself mindlessly
up and down the street
one corner to another
with the icy wind as her backbone
she ponders whether to continue

a man, finally,
with a kind smile
in a sweet voice
gently said
“you may rest here for a while,
then you have to go,

no sign here,
but keep walking,

you may find one ahead”

they said this too will pass
what will?
she’s still waiting

This post has been brought to you with the prompt from and submitted to:

The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 31 ~ A Baker’s Dozen

One Single Impression – Seeking


14 thoughts on “Seeking

    • gautami, thank you for stopping by. i have checked out your poem oblivion. my, that was a fantastic play of your wordle words. thank you for stopping by and leaving me your comment.

  1. these are feeling that i think many will find relatable…the desire to once more find a place where you can be happy, to maybe change something that happened….the use of the questions is affective…

  2. The answer is, to stop searching outwardly and begin the journey back to finding ‘self’ There is no happiness to be found unless it is first, within us. In other words if the world about us isn’t a good or happy place to be, then change your world to one that is. I hope that makes some sense?
    Very deeply touching prose because I’ve been so ‘lost’ myself and still am at times even now but, to find what you seek, you have to cease searching for it from others and find it inside of you. Then (maybe) you will know the feeling of ‘coming home’. To self. Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment too. Nice to meet you. 🙂

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