A Crack

noisy, nutsy, noise everywhere
bantering, chattering, grumbling from rooms
humans, TV, radios, all competing
even a mouse in the corner wants to join

how does one concentrate in this jungle
you tell me!
as the night ticking away
all four walls seem to be closing in

there was a term i used to hear often
back in the days when languages were a confusing mix
how i would love to step out now and declare “dai maspik!”
because a blank stare is so much better than a chirp


i guess everyone needs a time to kvetch once in a while. tonight, this poem came out without hesitation. welcome to my jungle. thought i’d flush the words out of my head in the hope of making me feel better. well, continue the candle of hope for me, please, because i may be giving up pretty soon.

fyi: dai maspik are Hebrew words which roughly mean “enough”. I used to live as a live-in nanny for a Jewish family and learned some quite colorful words while staying with them. They are a lovely family and they quickly became more than my employers. Anyway, when I first started there, the grandmother and the grandfather (who were the main caretakers for their two young grandchildren, hence, why they needed a live-in nanny *hint, hint*) used to scream to the kids when they got too rowdy and out of hands, “Dai maspik!” Of course, can you imagine my horror when hearing them? See, I only focused on the first word and falsely assumed in my head that it was the same 3-letter “d” word in English that’s also pronounced exactly the same way. πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “A Crack

    • thank you. I won’t give up. I meant giving up for tonight, as in going to zzzzzzz pretty soon πŸ™‚ But I very much appreciate your positive support and comment. Although I may be half joking when I said the above, sometimes I really do feel like saying “Dai maspik!” to people around me, and somehow they’ll probably just end up showing up on my blog again…LOL. Thanks for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚

  1. Don’t give up; you have a distinct beautiful voice! I feel like I fell in the crack lately! The push, the shove of move on. I need to sometimes stand still and reflect, before I move on. Keep at it!
    I look forward to more of your want, your view, your voice! @>——- (flower)

    • thank you, Ella. well, maybe if we keep on reading each other’s work and pushing each other through our work, then it makes the moving forward somewhat easier. thanks for visiting and commenting. cheers!

    • lol…you’re welcome, sharmishtha. i’m glad for that grin. what’s funny is that “dai” can be used by itself without “maspik” and it also means enough. so sometimes all that was said was,”dai, dai, kids!” πŸ™‚ this could actually make one of those funny stories about cultural differences and culture shock experiences.

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