Oh Hey, Thanks!

a slice of bread
a dab of butter
a sprinkle of chocolate
caressing this tongue inside
twisted and turning
finally melted, drowning
ah, a litte dab perhaps afterwards
all satisfied
i’d like to thank my tastebud
for being there
for the moment
for giving me a favorite first meal in the day,
Indonesian style

a sunset
a multi-hue sky
a paddy terrace
a dark mountain on the horizon
it’s a playground for all flying and quacking
or any four-legged ones
to play and shout
where roaming is free of charge
they breathe life into this painting
and like a magnet
these eyes are glued
oh, what a sight it is
i thank you, eyes,
for not failing me,

a greeting
a children’s choir
a prayer
a love song
an explosion
a scream!
a traffic sound
a silence
each sound arouses a feeling
each is attached to a memory
they give color to this inner world
i hear,
therefore i thank

i knit
i type
i walk
i dance…
…and twist, while still can
oh, my limbs!
you’re still there!
my, you complete me

This is brought to you by this humble blogger and submitted to the Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 14, Prompt: What I’m Thankful For In My Life.

While it’s true that I’m thankful for the things I said in this poem, I am actually thankful for so many more things in my life, some I have said in my previous blog entries this year and from last year. I end this poem here because it’s perfect this way to me. However, in addition to the people in my life that have helped me through my so-called journey and changed me to become a better person (whether they realize their impact on me or not), I actually would like to also thank one thing that I haven’t been appreciating enough, my MIND. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now and be where I am now without my mind. So I thank God for giving me enough sanity so I could function normally, or what seem normal to most people. 😉

With this blurp, I’d like to end this post by wishing all of my readers, who live in the U.S. or celebrate the U.S. Thanksgiving, a wonderful day of giving thanks and appreciating life for what we have. Many blessings to you all.


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