Feels Like Yesterday

I’m trying something new again. I’m participating in a meme called Five Minute Friday, hosted by the Gypsy Mama. For 5 minutes, I’m to write my story or whatever it is I want to write, non-stop, and unedited. The theme is Grateful, so here is my first attempt to do this.


It was a late day in December. Cold. The holidays had passed. A little white dust of snow on the ground.

She arrived in a car. A friend drove her over from her college town. She knocked on the door, and a little guy, in his pajama, opened the door. His hair was all curls. He looked so small in that pajama. Meanwhile, she could hear a scream from inside the house. “T, don’t answer the door before I get down!” Obviously the warning came a little bit late.

The owner of the voice arrived at the door a few seconds later. Not too happy on her face. “Can I help you?” she said. “Yes, We spoke on the phone. I’m supposed to start today.” “Oh yes, that’s right. Come in, come in.” She said to the young boy, “Mr. T, don’t block the door. Let her in.” But little Mr. T was already busy with something else. He was trying to grab one of the plastic bags that she was holding in her hands. But she didn’t quite understand what the little guy was trying to do and didn’t make it easier on him to grab it. The grandmother raised her voice, “What are you doing? Move back!” “No, but I’m trying to help. I wanna help!” and he started to cry a bit. The girl at the door gasped upon realizing what the little guy was attempting to do and handed over the plastic bag. It wasn’t that heavy, but for a 3-year old skinny boy, it could weigh a ton.

Dragging the plastic bag on the floor, little Mr. T happily limping away with his good deed for the day.

That was 17 years ago. He is now a grown man, has finished his high school, and with a beautiful girlfriend. Where did time go? It feels like yesterday.



Thanks for reading.




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