Friday’s Fave Five # 4

I’m trying something different today, putting poetry aside temporarily. The last time I joined this Friday’s Fave Five meme was in June 11th this year. I remember that day very well. It was a Saturday, my last weekend in the U.S. I left 6 days later on the 17th. I haven’t been back to this FFF meme for that long and I kinda miss it. So, without wasting any more time, here are my five favorite things that happened this week:

1. Many of my friends know that I currently rent a room in Indonesia. It’s a living situation that is actually very common in Indonesia. Apartments are starting to appear here and there in big cities, and so they’re not as commonly available yet as in the U.S. Instead, what’s more common are houses, big or small, with rooms to be rented out. It’s a temporary living arrangement that I decided to take up for the moment to make it easier for me. Anyway, this house where I stay currently houses about 30-40 ladies. I have been staying to myself in my room most of the time, which is perhaps an attempt to maintain some kind of privacy on my part. However, it’s already getting close to the end of my second month here and I started to wonder if I should at least do a little chit chat or small talk here and there with some at least, but never found a good opportunity to do that. Then one came knocking earlier this week, on Monday. There was a soccer game on TV, Indonesia vs. Malaysia. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the situation between these two countries, let me inform you that there’s a little bit of rivalry between the two. Well, a little is probably not a fair one to say. A HUGE rivalry between the two. I think we’re always friendly to each other to the eyes of the world, but there are just those little things behind the camera that we’re constantly competing and bickering. It was the final game to determine the gold medalist during the SEA (South East Asian) Games in soccer. SEA Games is held similar to the Summer Olympics but among Southeast Asian countries only. I don’t need to tell you how big this soccer game meant for the two countries.

So I started watching the pre-game show. Pretty soon, the other occupants started to show up. Some brought their dinner, some brought snacks, and one surprisingly brought a can of beer, which is a very rare thing to see in Indonesia. If I were still in the U.S., it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, but not here. Oh jeez, am I old fashioned? Unfortunately, she wasn’t sharing. Ugh. She only had one can, and I was too embarrassed to ask. Anyway, the game.

It was a good game. Indonesia scored the first goal within 5 minutes the game started, followed by Malaysia not too long later, also within the first round. After those two goals, the game kind of put us on edge the entire time. Many attempts, many free kicks, corner kicks, but none went in. Second round, still the same. Over time, round one, the same. The last round of over time, still no score. Liked it or not, the game was forced to go to the penalty kicks. Needless to say, I was off of my seat, walking around, separating myself from the group. See, I had to swear…in English. Didn’t want to scare anyone. The game was held in Indonesia. There were plenty of Malaysian fans too, but I swear to you, during those last moments, the stadium was…quiet. And my fear happened. We were hit hard. On the last kick! It had gone to the last of the 5 kicks, and right there, all hope suddenly… poof! Gone. Oh, what a shame. What a disappointment. Indonesia lost. In our land too. Defeated by our biggest ene…errr…friend :D.

The whole game just took us on this roller coaster ride from the beginning. We hoped, we cheered, we screamed, we laughed. We made quite a harmonious small choir that night. It was wonderful. Yes, we lost the game but somehow I left feeling good. Here’s my favorite part of the whole night. While the game was awesome, it wasn’t really about the game that made me put this event as number one on my fave fives. A thought couldn’t help to pop up…did I just bond with the girls? Oh my, I believe I did. And it gets even more odd: it happened over a sports game. I mean, a bunch of ladies? Sports? And not even in a bar? *shrug* Just a thought ;).

Now, seriously, after a story like the one above, should I really continue with the other 4 faves? Okay, if you say so. I’ll try, but I doubt nothing can beat that one.

2. I bought my own first, Indonesian-language bible. Hoaaa???? What, what? See, I told you! But on a more serious note now, and by the way, I honestly did not pick this point on purpose to show the climactic difference between its value from the one before it ;), but I put it here because it meant a great deal for me. I never bought myself a bible. This was the first one, my own. I’ve always been given one or borrowed someone else’s, not to mention one in my own language.

3. I’m the type that when I get to a new place and by myself, I tend not to venture out to explore it right away. I would probably wait it out a bit, sit and watch people first, and then..maybe, I will slowly try to explore the area. This can be applied to how I adjust to my current living place. It’s almost two months and I still don’t know much about where to go in my area to buy food. I know some places, but apparently not a whole lot. This week, I learned that just around the block from my building, a stretch of the street apparently bloomed with street food vendors in the evening. Now, why did it take me this long to know this? So I ventured out of comfort zone a bit more this week. I got to know a little more about my area. And I tell you what, it was worth the fried rice and fried noodle I’ve been having this week. Slurp… :D.

4. I went out for a dinner with two close friends last night. If you’ve been following my blog, you have actually met these two characters. They are my fellow thieves (see the blog piece here). Luckily, we did not have to steal our meals last night.

5. And last but not least, my blog and supportive comments from my friends/readers. I’ve started to become active again with my blog, a commitment that perhaps is easier to accomplish this week and next week, but not so much easier after that. I’ll be officially ending my “unemployment” status next week and heading into another new adjustment territory. I hope to be able to keep up with this blog then. This blog, the writing, the productivity, the keeping my mind busy, have helped me tremendously this week and last week. I feel so positive every time I published a blog piece and received feedback, and therefore, I would like to be able to continue it even during my new adjustment time in the near future.


These are my FFF for this week, folks. What’s yours? Hope to join this meme again next week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I’ll be busy visiting other blogs this weekend again. Ciao for now.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five # 4

  1. Soccer or football as we call it here without beer ??? that would be impossible ! That’s like swimming in a lake without water, lol !
    Anyway beer in Belgium is not alcohol and even the kids drink it of course a very light one 4%, but still !

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