The Forgotten series, 1


as far as these eyes can see
no man was seen walking up or down the street
around the corner
a family diner with a red door
a decrepit looking one
broken front glasses
missing a name post in the front
which the wind must have eaten, a free meal
deserted from its clanking dishes
it only left one precious belonging, an old jukebox
its cables were hanging out like hungry hands
waving its loyal customers
to feed it with the usual coins
or adoration, som’thin like that
a library not too far
and a church next to it
you can bet no sound of choir either from the church
unreadable sign on the front lawn
Church of Something-Something-God
a 4-word Church, safe to assume
its pews scattered around the yard
mixing with old grave stones
abandoned, undignified
but not as pathetic looking as the graves
opened, dug out
come closer
maybe see some bones, dissipating
animal markings all over
it’s obvious to any mind
the town is dead
been dead for quite some time
what it used to look like
no one remembers
or cares to know
there’s a sign on the way into town
bold letters, some missing



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