Friday’s Fave Five # 5

I’m late to turn in my FFF. This was supposed to be turned in on Friday, December 2, and I just wrote mine today. So everything I wrote here was from last week Saturday to Friday, the 2nd. Not to waste anymore time, here they are:

1. For my number one this week, it has to be the starting of my new job on Thursday, December 1st. It went smoothly, if anything it was a bit slow. The pace picked up a little faster the next day and on Saturday. Yes, I have to work from Monday to Saturday, but that is actually normal in Indonesia. Many schools and offices do open from Monday to Saturday. I am going to miss having Saturday off. Another adjustment.

2. On Tuesday, I spent my whole morning and half of my afternoon with a friend from high school. It’s been months since the last time I saw her, and we spent hours of talking about the present and reminiscing about the past in between her driving to pick her daughter from school, taking the daughter to an after-school tutoring class, eating lunch together at the mall, and then picking up her son from his school. It was awesome. Oh, I forgot to mention that at one point we were talking while she was feeding her daughter in the car. I love it. It beats any lunch time meetings I’ve ever had in the past with friends over salad and ice tea.

3. While eating lunch at the mall with my friend, the mall apparently thought that it was time to start playing Christmas music. It was only November at that time. I was waiting for the same feeling that I used to have in previous years every time I listened to the first Christmas music playing in the stores or malls, but it didn’t happen this time. Instead of feeling negative about the music, I actually welcomed it this time and enjoyed it. I also didn’t feel homesick. I felt content listening to it.

4. I went out to a mall by myself for the first time this week in this city. That’s a loaded statement, by the way, if you knew me. For one, I’m not a mall person. I don’t really look forward to going to any mall, not to mention going to a mall alone. I always think that it looks and feels stupid to walk around in the mall alone, especially when you have nothing to buy. Well, that’s just it. I forced myself to go because I had to buy some things and to get a haircut. I went in and out as soon as I could. Like a flash. But I got what I needed, which was a gift for a friend. And I got the haircut I needed, so I considered the trip as an accomplishment.

5. Somehow I managed to cut my electricity use this month by half from the previous month. Don’t ask how, but I was just so happy when I saw the bill. 🙂

That’s all, folks. Please click the Christmas FFF above to read more other bloggers’ FFF.

Have a wonderful week to all of you. I will probably be spending less time with my blog because of the early adjustment process with starting a new job, but I’m still around and will be posting posts here and there.


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