Friday’s Fave Five # 6

As usual, I’m late with my FFF, so going directly to my faves, here they are:

1. A close friend from high school had a birthday get-together on Saturday last week. It was nice to be out and doing something on a Saturday night. It’s been a while, and so I made sure I had a good time.

2. The next day, at the church mass on Sunday, I was so lucky to choose a mass that happened to have a children’s choir. My church often receives visitor choir groups from nearby schools. On that morning, the children’s choir was such a delight to listen. The children seem to range from ages 7 to 12 of both genders. I noticed two of the boys were still so young and little, likely to be the youngest ones in the group, that they had to stand on a small chair in order to reach the microphone. The choir’s voice was so pure, innocent, fresh, and beautiful. On two songs, they were singing and moving together a little bit following the song’s rhythm and lyrics. Those kids were just adorable. People were clapping afterwards that it reminded me of the scene from Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act. Actually, it was a mix of Sister Act and Sound of Music. Just…mind blowing. My eyes filled with tears a few times from being touched by the beautiful music. I was so lucky to experience it and be part of the beautiful moment. Loved it!

3. On Monday, I got to hang out after work with my new coworkers. My first time hanging out with them. We went to see a movie and ate dinner afterwards. The only movie that was decent enough to watch, unfortunately, was Breaking Dawn. I’m not a big fan of the Twilight Saga, but the movie was surprisingly entertaining. Anyway, I got to see my new coworkers in a different light. I had a good time! My feet, however, gave up at the end of the day. I had blisters from wearing these professional looking shoes all day. I sure miss my sandals.

4. On Thursday, I attended a graduation celebration for the newly graduates from my department, the psychology department. These were students that were about to graduate with their Bachelor degree in psychology the next morning. The tradition is that either on the eve or a few days before graduation, all the to-be graduates receive some kind of farewell ceremony within their department, a small version of graduation ceremony. It was a wonderful celebration, and I got to meet more new faces (yippee!…*grunting*). All of those faces that I met introduced their names to me, and almost none of those names I still remember. I know, this is bad. They should have probably served alcohol with the meal too, and maybe, maybe then I will remember. šŸ˜‰

5. This fifth one may sound strange and rude to some, but it’s not my intention to be rude. The story goes like this: I heard a sad news on Friday about a death in the family of someone I went to the same high school together. I never talked to her then and honestly, I didn’t know her then and now, but I know of her, I know who she is. She receives two unfortunate deaths in her family within a period of less than a month, two close and important people in her life. When I heard about it on Friday, my heart just felt so bad for her. I mean the trial time that she’s in now is so heavy and big. You may wonder why I picked this as one of my faves and this is the part that may sound rude or bad to some people, but I’m hoping it’s not. It’s because I see an incident like what happens to my friend as a reminder for me of what I have, of the precious people that are close to my heart, and I am thankful for them and for what I have. I try to remember to be thankful in my prayer every day. And for those people who I can’t express directly how much I am thankful for their roles in my life, I pray for their well-being and I thank them in my prayer for entering my life.

These are my FFF. I had a wonderful week this past one. I hope I’m blessed enough to have more to come.


Please click at the FFF Christmas image above to see more FFF entries by other bloggers. Thank you for visiting and reading. I wish you all a wonderful week as well.


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five # 6

  1. I adore Christmas choirs – I would have had tears in my eyes, too.

    I understand your feelings about the deaths your friend is experiencing. I think that is why news of death or accidents touch us so deeply – there is the unspoken fear of, “What if that were MY loved one!” If only we could translate that somehow into compassion for the family going through a tragedy in a tangible way! Often, all we can say or do is tell them we are sorry and pray for them…

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