The Unintended Visitor

Image credit to Lolli Chan @ DeviantArt, titled Shy

a knock
awaken him up from a deep slumber
he opened the door
to a moon face
pale looking
a frail figure
standing blocking the yellow gleam from the street
spellbound in her presence
lulled by the sound of her voice
he invited her in
oblivious to what followed behind her
for it was the most powerful storm
he would ever face
oh, how unprepared, the poor guy
trying clumsily to keep it together
the last thing he remembered
before the storm took over
was those eyes
he could see through them
and witness her storm
for the first time
but ….

Poets United’s The Thursday Think Tank # 78: Off The Cuff!

***This was one of those few occasions where I saw the image first and then created the poem based on the image, for the image. The image haunted me, and I just had to create something.***


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