The Christmas 2011 Countdown: 8 days

Eight more days ’til Christmas, my first Christmas at home again in…uhm…way too many years. It’s been so long, let’s just put it that way. I’m too lazy to use my left brain and count.

I’m thinking of posting at least one post each day that has Christmas flavor until the C-day. This is my way of appreciating this year’s holiday season. Join me in counting down to Christmas, and what would a Christmas celebration be like without songs. A festivity has to have music. So why not start the countdown with music.

One of my favorite one from the not so old, yet still a classic, is John Lennon’s Happy Christmas, War is Over.

If you’ve had enough with the oldies and same ol’ tune every year, below are some suggestions of newer Christmas songs.

And of course, my favorite one is below. My head just automatically moves as soon as I hear this tune. How can you not? Listen to it.

Do you have some of your favorite songs that you would like to share? Please list them in the comment section, and maybe post the youtube link if you have it. Happy listening! 🙂


One thought on “The Christmas 2011 Countdown: 8 days

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