What is Christmas, part 1

Christmas to the eyes of a 3-year old.

whel-a-you Santa?
im looking fo you
in my toy loom
in my laundy basket
in the chim-mey
mommy said time you come
i suppose be good
but how come i cant see you?
if i pay to Jesus
will you come?
i have cookies
i dip it in milk aleady fo you
i taste it
all yummy in my tummy
i have toys too
we can puh-lay together
im the doctah and you my ness
i show you my new jess
mommy got it fo me
i like it
it has this big bow in font
and its so big
its so bootiful
i plomise i be good
to mommy and daddy
but not my big blothel
coz he always mean
but i sti-yove him
maybe i love you mo
mommy said you nice
i want new teddy beal
and bunny
the one make noise
and it jump and hop yike this
Bobo ate Annabelle ear
bad Bobo
i need a new doggie
come on Santa
let me see you pyis?
im tiyed looking
whel-a-you, Santa?
i wait fo you


3 thoughts on “What is Christmas, part 1

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