A Gift

a gift you bring me
or is it i bring to you
perhaps we bring to each other
a moment,
a feeling,
a memory,
a life,
a possibility,
what we’ll do with it
is a journey
beyond our understanding at times
often our fear takes over
fear to lose,
to be disappointed,
so we waste the gift

they say a gift
should not be turned down
turn down a gift
is to turn down the gifter
some people are born giver
but miserably fail
as a receiver
i’m still learning as well
perhaps we are all
learning together
in this imperfect world

my wish this Christmas
is that in one way or another
i have been a gift
to many of you, if not all
it’s my way of returning yours
as you all have been
a gift as well
to this mortified soul

Posted at Theme Thursday, Prompt: Gift and  Poetry Picnic Week 19 at the Gooseberry Garden.


4 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. This poem is a wonderful gift and I think that we can all be givers and receivers. I too find it harder to receive than to give, maybe because I receive so much so when I give which is kinda a oxymoron because that means I am receiving more than I am giving. Okay none of this makes any sense at all so I guess I better try and stop writing about giving and receiving and just be thankful for this gift you have given.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us on this weeks Theme Thursday, it was such a nice gift, a wonderful gift.

    Merry Christmas.

    God bless.

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