What is Christmas, part 3

Christmas to the eyes of a 39-year old.

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan

find me an old tree
that needs its roots to survive
it’s where Christmas is


This poem has been posted at Haiku Heights, Prompt: Christmas, Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry: a Merry Christmas Special, and The Poetry Pantry #81 at Poets United.

This is part of a 3-part series of a search for Christmas from a lifespan perspective (3 different ages). Please also see my previous two parts on “Where is Christmas” Series here (part 1 and part 2). I think I have found the answer to my search. Similar to finding happiness, the answer is to look inward, not outward. I hope the same for all of you too. I hope you have found your Christmas and will find it in the future. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Be well, be blessed.


15 thoughts on “What is Christmas, part 3

  1. The true meaning of Christmas is definitely within us and within the netting of our community of loved ones. Lovely reflection series from the eyes of a child through the current season. May you have a blessed New Year!

  2. I read, re-read, pondered, and read again. I arrived at your perspective. I appreciate the challenge to get there and the fact that, with three short lines, you elicited studied thought.

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  4. amazing Haiku, love the divinity in it, smiles.

    Hello, How is your day?

    Hope all is well,
    Appreciated your invaluable support to us,
    Best regards.

    Join us any time and share a verse or two,
    Your talent pleases me and makes a huge difference too,

    Hope to see you in soon,

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