2011 in Review, part 1

Image credit to Scorpiandoll @ DeviantArt, titled Like a Firework


A – Awaken at the first daybreak, a fresh beginning
U – Unplayed guitar standing in the corner, its strings waiting to be picked
L – Love shines a bright light at dusk, but the light soon succumbs to a
D – Dying wish for truth – ignored, unfulfilled, and soon forgotten

L – Losing a battle finally in the end, a painful lost to witness
A – Absolutely crushed to many pieces, a piercing cry as the spirit fallen
N – Night then replaces day, silence replaces light
G – Gone are the singing birds, flying blindly under the eyes of the night owls

S – Soon a new year will be here, will it be another fresh start?
Y – Your song is still stuck on the CD player, playing over and over
N – Not a day goes by this year that your song skips, its lyrics haunting
E – Echoing the same message, this heart cries loudly like a firework


This poem is submitted to the Poetry Pantry # 81.


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