Not a Goodbye

Image credit to this--is-the-life2905 @ DeviantArt, titled may angels lead you in...


this is not a goodbye
it never was
not a game either
never crossed my mind

perhaps it’s an intermission
from breaking and hurting
or a prelude
for a morning sunrise

this is not an end
it never was
it’s a beginning
another new journey

where it goes
is up to you
you hold the winning card
but never play it

not all roads have to be winding
but new roads do exist
even rain will end
and rainbow might just show up

this is not a goodbye
it doesn’t have to be…

Submitted to The Thursday Think Tank # 81 @ Poets United, Prompt: Goodbyes


7 thoughts on “Not a Goodbye

  1. I like the idea of an intermission. Some relationships seem to have those; but I think in a relationship no one really has the ‘winning card.’ It takes two. And hopefully a relationship will be a win – win. I liked your write and thank you for visiting my site!

  2. Excellent. Many goodbyes are in our control. Great expressions, enlarged vision of goodbye, you are a master wordsmith. Giving us nature to enjoy as we read is a boon.

    This was fun.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  3. Love cannot ever say goodbye. People do but, once love exists it cannot then, un-exist. But, there is no more sadness than in a goodbye. I do try to never say goodbye, always say ‘see you later’ But, if love between two people is causing more harm than good it is best to let go.
    This is so gentle, loving, caring. a really lovely read.

  4. Dear friends, thank you to all of you who have stopped by and wrote something for me. I have so much to learn still from all of you. Many of your words through your blog have touched my heart in such a profound way too. God bless you all.

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