Fresh as Morning Dew

Image credit to ohman itsme-d2z9g5t @ DeviantArt, titled flower drop reflection


on some nights
when the icy wind hits town
the cold can be so unbearable
but those water drop eyes
seeing her flaunting her smile
a fusion of shyness, playful
and innocence
my world halts
tugs my heart
warm under the blanket
of loneliness
pushes me up eventually
from my long slumber
of waiting for the spring sun
when i can finally walk again
among flowers and birds
when i can submit myself
to feel a warm hand on my face
when the sound of the leaves
blowing in the wind
whispers a song of hope
but until then
i settle with this smile
a powerful gift indeed
from a little lady in red
unaware of her charm
fresh as morning dew


Submitted to One Single Impression, Prompt: Smile


4 thoughts on “Fresh as Morning Dew

  1. You have written a pretty little poem, O.T. I’d like to know the lady in red. I think your poet does know her.
    Like a lttle bulb snuggled in the ground
    could it be
    a young one waiting for adulthood’s freedom
    or the little bulb itself, thinking aloud about when spring will arrive
    or one in hiding until the danger is gone

    I’m sure to be way off the mark here.
    The lady in red holding those encouraging, calming smiles would know. 🙂

    Either way or most any other way, I can’t figure the lady in red who has

    • Thanks for your interpretation, Jim. The little young girl in red is my angel. Never met her, but she spoke to me from behind her pictures, especially during my dark hours. Perhaps this was God’s way of saving me, how those eyes and smiles could cheer me up during the times when I needed help the most. Ever since then, I look forward to see new pictures of her, and I see her growing up through her pictures. She’s not even 2, a daughter of a friend, who happens to love sharing her pictures with her friends. Lucky me 🙂 So, this is a story of an angel, who is not even aware how she touches the heart of another person from far away. I’d say that’s magical.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jim. Keep up the community of support. Namaste.

    • thank you for stopping by and commenting, Mollie. I’m glad you did. I stopped by to yours and like yours too. Very different than my style. Thank you for subscribing.

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