A Fleeting Moment of Bliss

some nights are a cause for rejoice
and it goes like this,

ear pieces…on
and then it starts
first the head
then the shoulders
next the rest of the body
soon comes the sweat
with no time
she’s lost in a trance
for a moment
all troubles evaporate
fear runs hiding into the closet
doubt chooses to stay under the table
and loneliness, well…
she locks him in the bathroom
she’s all set
let the chore begin
see that thing in her hand
and that ironing board in front of her
damn, girl!
yup, don’t mess with her
guess the Avengers left one out,
the Iron Lady

**If anyone is wondering what song can make a girl goes wild, it was The Dog Days are Over by the group Florence + The Machine.


Yes, I am

i am who i am…

i am not poor
i have plenty
don’t pity me
i don’t want any sorry

i am not crazy
i am just me
free spirited, anxious, unpredictable
i am a trip

i don’t fear alone
i do with loneliness
learning to fly solo anyway
against or with the wind

i am not an easy puzzle
riddle with holes
a maze of sorrows
i don’t give an easy ride

i want peace
i make chaos
i want to be loved
yet pushing away love

i scream don’t go
i close the door
i long to see the morning sun
yet i sleep through the dawn

i pray for those who hurt me
i hurt others
i wish for an easy life
but made hell out of my life

old friends go
new friends come
whispered plenty of silent goodbyes
whistle ‘hello, is it me you’re looking for’ to strangers

this is me
take or leave
love or walk away
damn if i care

i am who i am
and still learning…