It Has Many Faces

Image credit to tjiggotjurring @ DeviantArt, titled Hungry Face


have you seen it?
it has many faces
caused by many things
it’s everywhere

i’ve seen it on the face of a boy
forgotten by his parent
an unquenchable thirst for love
calls an orphanage his home

i’ve felt it from an adult man
left by his wife and son
robbed from his worldly sight
helplessness lives in his stories

i’ve seen it in a drug addict in recovery
picking up pieces of her life
looking for her neglected children
her inside eaten away by guilt

i’ve heard it within an old man’s voice
his tone was of anger and disappointment
always looking for someone to blame
goes home to an empty and bleak house

greed ruins a heart
regrets devours a hope
anger wastes away a soul
loneliness eats away a mind

one thing for sure
no longer measured by money
survival becomes the key
when one’s hit by it

poverty has many faces


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