like a blanket of sea water awash on the shore
its hands reaching out to hold on to the sand
struggling, out of breath
as the minute passes
as the sun’s inching closer to the horizon
the wave is getting further inland
sweeping through rocks
frantically searching
like a lost soul looking for its body
it searches for one thing only

but it’s too late
nowhere can the object be found
the beach is empty
abandoned from its life for quite some time
so when the dawn comes
it bids goodbye to the dying land
and retreats back to where it came
a place cold, alone and secluded
yet harmless
deep in the ocean


1 thought on “Retreating

  1. To measure the changes just in terms of weight lost is a gross underestimation. During my week with you, I healed very old, and some new, emotional scars and traumas (thanks especially to Anna and my journey experience). My family relationships are a source of incredible happiness now, where they used to cause stress and anxiety. I released a huge amount of fear and blockage.. opened my mind to the joy and opportunities around me. … I’m not surprised to say, I’ve met the man of my dreams, and am deeply in love with someone truly kind, loving, and inspiring.

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